While previously depending on external expertise like Arnold de Ruiter, Dirk Nauta and Marvis the shipyard now has its own in-house architecture and design department: VanEesch naval architecture. In this way we can integrate the design of your yacht seamlessly into the entire building process, ensuring we are able to keep the closesed possible watch on quality and possible changes. For specific problems in-house solutions, such as an advanced docking system and our YCS (which ensures all functions on board can be controlled from all helmsman positions), were developed to ensure that all on board systems work together seamlessly.

Timeless and inflation-proof
Privateer Yachts are known because they are exceptionally well built with the best materials, and a wealth of “top-stainless steel”. The best woods are used for a solid paneling with rich moldings. Luxuries like air conditioning, heat reflective glass, heated floors and Corian sheets are standard on almost all of our ships. Everything is focused on a very long life with high safety under all circumstances.

Privateer yachts are built by our own yard, and designed by our in-house design department and naval, VanEesch. The same team is also responsible for the Silverline compact super yachts.