We are focused on building top-quality Privateers and Silverlines for our clients. The construction of semi-custom yachts is a hugely challenging endeavour and one that requires a dedicated combination of experience and know-how. This is why we have all the following capabilities in house:

Naval architecture and engineering
Building a ship that is capable of traversing the seven seas (Ce-B or Ce-A) in safety and comfort requires a great deal of expertise and a thorough understanding of many factors. Ship stability, for example, is an exceptionally complex issue that is crucial for your comfort. Your yacht will need to sail in different waters in many different conditions with different loads. Our naval architects will ensure that your Privateer provides complete comfort and safety for you, your guests and your crew. All our vessels are extensively equipped and built to the highest yacht standards. This requires many custom parts to be designed, developed and made by the yard. We have very capable people in many fields, ranging from mechanics and electricians to software experts.

Technical installation
Equipping a Privateer or Silverline to high yacht level inevitably involves a considerable degree of highly technical knowhow. Our in-house technical installation department gives us the capability to meet the most stringent demands. They work closely with our engineering department to provide your yacht with a premium quality technical installation.

Our clients are very demanding and experienced sailors. Meeting their needs has meant that we need to consistently stay at the forefront of technology and to only apply technologies and systems that are proven and reliable.

Design and styling
A luxury motor yacht must both look and feel good as well as being seaworthy and safe. This means ensuring that the styling and design takes into account how the owner will use his yacht while keeping a close eye on practicality and functionality. Our short lines of production and rich experience with building timeless yachts ensure that we can design and style a semi-custom yacht that will stand the test of time.

Steel, aluminum and stainless steel construction
We prefer to build in steel, aluminum and stainless steel as these are very durable, exceptionally strong and flexible materials that can take a great deal of impact. With the current top-quality paint systems, the days of ‘steel-rust’ are things of the past. So steel yachts are ideally suited to the semi-custom nature of our yachts.

Interior matters
While the outside of your yacht is available for all to see, the interior is what makes her stand out from the crowd in every respect. At Privateer and Silverline Yachts our highly skilled craftsmen take great pride in combining old-fashioned skills with ultra-modern
tools to create your custom interior. You will find that our reputation for providing the finest interiors in line with Dutch yacht tradition is fully justified.

Safety and comfort
Poor hull stability throws people around and makes them tired. Inadequate heating can make onboard life very unpleasant, and if it is difficult to prepare warm food the situation is exacerbated. These are comfort issues that have a direct influence on the safety of you and your crew, which is why we take them so seriously.