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00-Built to travel
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Built to travel

Tradition and cialis on ine Elegance

Designed and built in Holland, a Privateer yacht exudes elegant and seaworthy sturdiness. These powerful ships take their experienced and adventurous owners on long voyages… From the Scandinavian Fjords to usefull link cialis from mexico the Med, from New Zealand to the Eastern seaboard, a Privateer is built to travel.

Ranging from 37 to 84 ft in length, your choice of a Privateer will reflect your desire for adventure. Which model you choose comes down to where you want to go, how you want to get there and with whom you choose to cruise. All are fitted with high-tech features normally found on much larger vessels. Privateers are currently available in seven designs: Trawler, Flybridge, Pilothouse, Elegance, Pilot, Kotter and Vlet. Click here to see to buy cheap ultram cod an overview of the range.

Dutch standard
Step aboard a Privateer and you immediately notice the premium Dutch standards of finishing, smart logistics and viagra canadian pharmacy super yacht standards of comfort. Each yacht is very much a home away from home, which is why many owners choose to live aboard for extended periods or even full-time. All enjoy an incredibly spacious design, both inside and on deck, and a first class galley that reflects how much time is spent aboard.

Building philosophy
We are focused on building top-quality Privateers for our clients. The construction of semi-custom yachts is a hugely challenging endeavor and one that requires a dedicated combination of experience and know-how. Read more about our shipyard.


11,12 & 13 April 2014

Easter Show 2014

Flybridge 49

Movie - New Flybridge 49


Movie - Trawler 50 to the MED


Movie - Trawler Gyro stabilizer



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